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About JutiBar:

Dr. Ren gets the RENergy for her Holistic Health Crusade by eating fully organic, gluten-free and vegan whole foodZ! Juti, meaning ENERGY in Sanskrit is a healthy, fun choice that delivers just that! As the ‘6 to Life’ slogan goes, and the Holistic Mafia can vouch that by eating 1 Juti bar a day for 6 days can change your life! The Goombas have less cravings for sugar and unnatural food substances plus their excess body weight has effortlessly shed off. Since we know the blood regenerates around every 28 days and habits take 40 to break, The Dr. Ren A-Team RENcommends YOU to take the 6, 28 and 40 day Juti Bar challenge! We would #LOVE to hear from you how it changes your life!

Try a Hair Mineral Analysis before and after your Juti Bar challenge to see your results:


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