About the Bar:

Peacebar is made with dried apricots which gives the bar a mild sweetness since there is no added sugar. The apricots are diced and blended with cashew butter and almond meal maximizing the proteins and nutrients found in the whole ingredients. Peacebar is flavored with cardamom and tulsi leaves, an important symbol of wellbeing and harmony. The subtle taste of all-natural vanilla bean and sea salt lightly round out the delicious taste of the bar. Peacebar is handcrafted in a certified gluten free, kosher kitchen and made with organic ingredients free of soy and peanuts. We are proud to be vegan and paleo fRENdly.

Dr. Ren thinks the taste of Peacebar is totally #YUMzie and Peacebar enthusiasts have been known to say it tastes like the “inside of a homemade cookie.”

Why Peacebar?

Dr. Ren is a peace warrior. One day she asked her mother if she could have one wish granted what would it be? Mommo answered “My wish would be for world peace and that’s why I gave birth to you; to help make my wish come true.”  Dr. Ren’s mothers maiden name translates from Italian to English as ‘Servant of Source’ and she has been for- filling that prophecy and making the world more peaceFULL with a career in public service for her entire adult life. Since that day, Dr. Ren whose maiden name translates from Italian to English as ‘Blood of Source’ has taken this wish request quite seriously. As simple and as unnoticeable to many it may be, Dr. Ren has made it a point to give the peace sign in as many photos taken of her by the Holistic Papparazzi with the hope that peace emanates through to all of her fanZ.  

On her plane ride back from Holistic Health Crusading in the Middle East, Dr. Ren was very inspired watching ‘Rock the Kasbah’. Arriving back in Ohm Sweet NJ she posted the main song from the movie, ‘Peace Train’ by Cat Stevens on her Facebook Fan Page.  About a week later she received an inbox message from the creator of Peacebar whose maiden name translates from Italian to English as PEACE! They had a great discussion on the inspiration for Peacebar consisting of how the idea for Peacebar was conceived during a meditative walk in Central Park and every ingredient has been carefully chosen. This includes one of Dr. Ren’s favorite Ayurvedic ancient healing herbs called Tulsi also known as Holy Basil. A modern interpretation of Tulsi is that it symbolizes a woman’s ability as the GoddeZz that she is to overcome many struggles and to be deserving of great respect and honor.

One of the greatest lessons Dr. Ren has learned throughout her Holistic Health Crusade is that when things are this synchRAWnistic and flow effortlessly it’s a right fit. By the next week The Dr-Ren A-Team had fallen in #LOVE with everything about Peacebar, effortlessly eating about half a dozen cases and just knew that they had to share the #LOVE as a Dr Ren Recommended exclusive with YOU!

Join us on the Holistic Health Crusade for world peace and when you eat a Peacebar, take your moment to respect and honor who you are with love, forgiveness and compassion. WE believe this is one of the secretZ toward creating inner peace and technically speaking if you are what you eat then WE ARE PEACE. 

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