Faceology with Heidi


You Get:

A 60 minute video consultation to discover your Face Language with The Face Lady, Heidi Bradley.

She will answer all questions and go over:

  • Your About-Face Blueprint
  • How the World Sees You based on Your Face
  • How to see Your Face In New Way
  • Which out of the 7 love languages Your Face reveals about you
  • If there are any health indicators to be aware of and if so refer you to Dr Ren

Hear it in Heidi’s words here >> https://youtu.be/Q-mZcqunMhI

Some results Heidi’s clients have reported are:

  • Skills for clearer communication
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Knowing how others want to be loved
  • Experiencing trust with all relationships
  • Catching a health condition up to 6 months before any other symptoms occur in the body


What is Face Language?

The eyes never lie and the face tells all! These axioms have a lot of truth in them. You’ve probably heard the expression that ‘the eyes are a window into the soul’ and from what we know, the soul never lies. The saying that ‘the face tells all’ is also true and in traditional cultures, the face is the blueprint which deciphers the silent language of our inner world. We’ve all experienced this in some way or another- seeing a new face at a party and knowing that you want to meet that person; seeing tired eyes that show a challenging night; and seeing a depth to someones eyes that make you feel safe to share your heart with them. We all know that the face is a mirror that reflects our inner realm.Though this may sound esoteric and mystical, the basic underlying truth is that our exterior body is connected to our internal body. Faces are very important to human beings. Some commonalities we can relate to is how most people will remember a face before a name, babies find comfort in looking at a face more than anywhere else, our faces are found on all of our personally identifiable materials such as government identification, bank accounts or debit cards, and our social media accounts. However, ancient wisdom of the face is still hidden from the mainstream; until now.               

Scientists’ from across the globe are discovering that a lot can be learned from the faces of others. Research now proves that each face provides information about a person’s gender, age, race, status of their physical health, current emotional state, and where they are focusing their attention. When observing a face, we are given a window into the internal world of another human being. It only takes a tenth of a second looking at an unfamiliar face to make a judgement about its owner’s character and have decided if that person is caring, trustworthy, aggressive, extroverted, competent and so on. Once that perception has formed it is surprisingly hard to budge unless you have a strong emotional intelligence. When you are able to easily relate with other people and know what is important to them, their perceptions of you will adjust to positivity and trust.

The roots of face language start far back in our evolutionary past. When decisions were of life- and-death importance and before we had words to communicate the information that our unconscious mind fed our thoughts. We required an ability to make rapid, categorizations of every face that we saw and take immediate action based on what we perceived. Today some scientists have even discovered how our brains compare human faces to animal faces to make snap judgements. There is an evolutionary importance of responding appropriately to various animal species, such as avoiding lions and approaching lambs. This has produced a strong preparedness to react to a species facial appearance. The result is that people are judged to have the traits of the animals whom their faces resemble.

Researchers discovered that human faces resembling lions are perceived more dominant, cold, and shrewd. Whereas faces with more of a resemblance to labrador dogs are perceived as warmer and less shrewd. Comparing human personality traits to animals is in our recorded history throughout many cultures such as Chinese folklore, Ancient Greece, Indian Folklore and many other cultures across the world.

We’ve found the most meaningful research around face language is the branch that has to do with increased emotional intelligence. Face observing starts as soon as we have eyes to see. A child’s survival depends upon their ability to read the emotional feedback of their caregivers. During the first year after birth, infants take in a large amount of information from faces by their ability to recognize identities, recognize and a develop a preference for  faces from their own race, and follow another’s gaze. While infants grow into children they fill up a specialized set of neurons in the brain called the ‘fusiform face area’, which captures and records every face that they’ve ever interacted with. The ability to recognize faces is crucial for social survival and interaction.

Lastly, our faces greatly affect our success in occupation. People make quick judgments of another’s behavior based upon facial features. Facial appearance has been found to affect an individuals employment opportunities in the way that attractive individuals are more likely to be hired, make more money, can be perceived as more likable and trustworthy, including how facial appearance greatly predicts their level of success within the recruitment process of particular jobs. Another study found extraordinarily accurate perceptions from the faces of male chief executive officers (CEOs) of Fortune 1,000 companies. A sister study was performed on top female CEO’s and had likewise predicted their actual success as leaders measured by the amounts of profits that their companies earned. All these results concurred that a CEO’s’ success is related to their facial appearance regardless of target and perceiver gender.

So with all that said, would your life improve by:

  • Knowing what your face tells other people?
  • Having clearer communication?
  • Increasing your emotional intelligence?
  • Knowing how others want to be loved?
  • Experiencing trust with all of your relations?

If your inner voice is resonating with the above or clearly shouting out a resounding yes, then a professional Faceology consultation with Heidi is a must. A Faceologist is someone with a much deeper level of training than someone trained in general facial diagnoses. Typically facial diagnosis is a modality that Doctor’s of Naturopathy or Chinese Medicine apply as one of their diagnostic tools to get to the root cause of illness, where faceology is a more Holistic approach in the sense that more information besides just health involved can be revealed and taken into account. We prefer for you to come to your face consult with bare skin, however makeup will not throw off your reading since it is mainly based off the structure of the face; which doesn’t change.