ThetaHealing® with Dawna Campbell


30 min video consult and healing with ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science, Master Instructor and Practitioner, Dawna Campbell.

ThetaHealing® is a powerful energy healing technique that utilizes a meditation process to bring about quick, transformational change. Whether you want to increase your health, improve your wealth, or attract more loving relationships, ThetaHealing® can work for you.

Our brain is a super computer. It is the fastest known processor and records everything in your life from the moment you were born to the moment you are in now. All of these recordings are held in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind becomes our “operating system” forming belief patterns. We create our personal reality through these belief patterns.

Our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. With growing scientific evidence, toxic emotions, such as anger, fear, pain, and sadness can contribute to sickness and disease. With ThetaHealing®, we can release these thought patterns, and replace them with love, happiness, and peace, creating life changing experience for the client. Some examples of how ThetaHealing® might assist you:

*Health: Increasing your overall wellness, dis-creating sickness and illness
*Wealth: Creating an abundant mindset, manifesting, and increasing prosperity
*Relationships: Attracting more love in your life, soulmates, family, community
*Spiritual: Aligning with your life purpose, path, and direction in life
*Emotional: Releasing trauma and abuse, self-worth, knowing that you matter

ThetaHealing® teaches us how to access the subconscious and remove the beliefs that are blocking us from what we want to have, be, and do. By having a central belief in a Creator, the Universal Love Force Energy, we can witness instantaneous change creating a life of happiness, prosperity, and love.

Dawna Campbell’s  background is in personal finance and marketing. She spent over ten years in the corporate world hiring and training people in the financial services industry. Her personal mission was to help people create more financial freedom in people’s lives, and financial planning was her tool. However, something was always missing. She  started to learn from her clients and employees about their beliefs around money, and regardless of what she learned in the industry, the client never seemed to experience this freedom. Neither did the employee.

Dawna left the corporate world and began studying about the subconscious mind and healing. After learning about meditation and mindfulness, she sought out various techniques, but none seemed to show how to change the subconscious beliefs we were programed with. Then she was introduced to ThetaHealing®, her missing link and was addicted.

With the ThetaHealing® technique, she learned how to utilize a theta brain wave to access the subconscious mind. She was able to uncover belief patterns that were programmed in her everyday experience, her DNA, and beliefs held throughout her soul and history. She was able to make these changes for herself, and have the ability to witness these shifts for others, magnifying health, wealth, and relationships. Dawna firmly believes that you can have it all, and all at the same time.

Dawna also hosts the show ‘Create It Now’ on Mind Body Radio and is a founding director of the 501c3 The Healing Heart Foundation which provides scholarships to those desiring and deserving to pursue their education in the Holistic Arts. Dawna is the mother of 3 children and has an international private practice teaching ThetaHealing® seminars around the world.